A downloadable game for Windows

Created for LD48 compo, theme: Deeper and deeper.


1 or Q or Left Mouse - Place walk marker.

2 or W or Right Mouse - Place run marker, cannot shoot while running.

3 or E or Space - Place aim marker, units will pre aim in that direction if in range.

4 or R or Shift - Clears look markers.

Hold CTRL To place multiple markers, eg. queue move commands.

M - Toggle audio on/off.


Reach the end of the level without losing all units, to go deeper into enemy territory.

Survive till the end of the final level to complete.

For more game dev stuff by me: https://twitter.com/CraigTheDev


LD48_OpRecon.zip 4 MB
LD48_OpRecon.exe 17 MB
LD48_OpRecon - Source and Assets.zip 23 MB

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